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ArtStation - Hell Knight, Ariel Perez

幻想的な文字,コンセプトアート文字,文字コンセプトアート,地獄の騎士,文字,鎧,いくつかの,Pf Characters,Concept Shit

Goblinoid Study - Bugbear by

KILROGG Clan: Bleeding Hollow Territory: Tanaan Jungle After seeing his own death during a vision quest, Kilrogg “Deadeye” embraced the finality of fate, and tore his left eyeball free in a brutally symbolic gesture. Members of Kilrogg’s clan, the Bleeding Hollow, imbue themselves with berserk fury, slather their weapons in hallucinogenic venom, and stalk prey from the treetops, branding their victims’ final moments with visions of pure horror.

フィギュア ガレージキット HRギーガーベイビー 高橋ミキヤ HELLPAINTER ナイトメアモデルズ

Oni, Josh Corpuz on ArtStation at