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Vic the Velociraptor Planter & Succulent

<3 Plaid Pigeon

lamb / designer: 青木 有理子 / nousaku


Planter (Medium) No. 7 - Recycled Billboard Banner - Eco-Friendly

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Hydro 140:80 (Handmade) + エケベリア ギルバ | 1012 | Terra ($105.00) - Svpply

4姉妹。 種類は違っても同じ色のもの同士がしっくりくるとなぜかとても嬉しい。明日木曜日は定休日です。


Modern Faceted Geometric Planter - for Air Plant, Succulent and Cacti - Wood Brass Polygon Gem

A planter that doubles as a miniature sculpture is the perfect addition to a tabletop vignette.