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Inro | | Japan (made), Date: ca. 1750-1850 (made), Materials and Techniques: Polychrome carved lacquer

Inrō with Basket of Spring Flowers (obverse); Basket of Autumn Flowers (reverse) Period: Edo period (1615–1868) Date: late 18th–early 19th century Culture: Japan Medium: Five cases; lacquered wood with gold and silver hiramaki-e, togidashimaki-e, cutout gold foil application on black and nashiji lacquer ground Netsuke: lacquered wood with hiramaki-e; chrysanthemum and paulownia flower Ojime: silver bead inlaid with gold

aleyma: Horaku, Owl and Bat netsuke, early to mid 19th century (source).


Inro | Shibata Zeshin | Japan (made), Date: 1865 (made), Artist/Maker: Shibata Zeshin, born 1807 - died 1891 (maker), Materials and Techniques: Gold and red hiramakie and takamakie lacquer inlaid with pearl shell

Case (Inrô) with Birds and Flowers in Shibayama style (obverse); Chrysanthemums, Loquat and Birds (reverse) 19th century Gold lacquer with mother-of-pearl, coral, and stained ivory inlay Ojime: cylinder with asters in openwork Netsuke: thunder god playing samisen; carved ivory

Tobacco Pouch Date: 1850–1880 Culture: Japan Medium: Lacquer Classification: Tobacco Pouch Credit Line: Edward C. Moore Collection, Bequest of Edward C. Moore, 1891

Vintage Japanese Inro Box Case Cow Bone Netsuke Beautiful Women Carving

印籠ボックス,ポリマークレイ,Sagemono Inro,Women Carving,Netsuke Beautiful,Clay Sagemono,Pc Sagemono,Case Cow,In Doen

Inro and netsuke

Inro, netsuke and ojime

Inro by Koma Yasutada This inro is decorated with red and white plum blossoms, with each side of the inro depicting a different colour, and a small bamboo centred on each side.

Incense box Attributed to Ogata Kôrin (Japanese, 1658–1716) Period: Edo period (1615–1868) Date: 18th century Culture: Japan Medium: Lacquer