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Inro | | Japan (made), Date: ca. 1750-1850 (made), Materials and Techniques: Polychrome carved lacquer

Inrō with Basket of Spring Flowers (obverse); Basket of Autumn Flowers (reverse) Period: Edo period (1615–1868) Date: late 18th–early 19th century Culture: Japan Medium: Five cases; lacquered wood with gold and silver hiramaki-e, togidashimaki-e, cutout gold foil application on black and nashiji lacquer ground Netsuke: lacquered wood with hiramaki-e; chrysanthemum and paulownia flower Ojime: silver bead inlaid with gold

印籠蒔絵梅の図 根付(牙) オジメ付

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Inro | Kajikawa | Japan (made), Date: 1750-1850 (made), Artist/Maker: Kajikawa (production), Materials and Techniques: Gold, silver and black hiramaki-e ('flat sprinkled picture') and takamaki-e ('raised sprinkled picture') lacquer and silver foil on a black lacquer ground

Makie lacquer inro with New Year toys on the fern ground

Case (Inrô) with Birds and Flowers in Shibayama style (obverse); Chrysanthemums, Loquat and Birds (reverse) 19th century Gold lacquer with mother-of-pearl, coral, and stained ivory inlay Ojime: cylinder with asters in openwork Netsuke: thunder god playing samisen; carved ivory

aleyma: Horaku, Owl and Bat netsuke, early to mid 19th century (source).


Vintage Japanese Inro Box Case Cow Bone Netsuke Beautiful Women Carving

印籠ボックス,ポリマークレイ,Sagemono Inro,Women Carving,Netsuke Beautiful,Clay Sagemono,Pc Sagemono,Case Cow,In Doen

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Inro | Shibata Zeshin | Japan (made), Date: 1865 (made), Artist/Maker: Shibata Zeshin, born 1807 - died 1891 (maker), Materials and Techniques: Gold and red hiramakie and takamakie lacquer inlaid with pearl shell