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Umbrella Corporation lower and pistol grip with a BAD selector set. The upper is 300BLK with Seekins rail, Noveske KX3 muzzle device, and Trijicon RMR. By Stickman.

銃や武器,軍事兵器,銃ギア,銃ナイフ,アサルトライフル,火災,Gun Guns Guns,4S Gear,Ar Nice

"Groza" OC-14 / OTs-14 modular assault rifle. Caliber, mm: 9x39 SP-6, 7.62x39 M43, Action: Gas operated, rotating bolt with 2 lugs, Length: 610 mm (with grenade launcher installed), Barrel length: 240 mm, Weigth: 2.7 kg, Magazine: 20rds (9mm), 30rds AK-47 type (7.62mm), Rate of fire: 700 rounds per minute

Spikes Tactical SBR by Stickman. Love the rail/KX3 combo, not a fan of the sights

Yuri Custom Works

Seekin's Precision AR build, Trijicon STS... Just wanna know the muzzle device make/model

super gun / tactical rail

THOR TR-15 “Talon” PDW AR-15.

Western Arms Bob Chow Special Vintage Edithion

AR pistol with Spartan sword