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“Astarte” Figures, Clay 13th century B.C. Cyprus.

Female figure, possibly Aphrodite (bronze). Etruscan, (6th century BC) / Louvre, Paris, France / Giraudon / The Bridgeman Art Library

Four Astarte figurines. Clay (around 1000 BCE) Iron Age II, Israel Museum

This earthenware was made during the latter part of the Jomon Period.

all too familiar come that body is goddess-like in clay and just fat in flesh? :o(

Clay Venus Jomon (Goddess of the Mask) - 5000 years - from Chino, Japan

Bastet - Solid cast bronze statue of the cat goddess, Egypt 664-332 BC. (Musée du Louvre)

Marble figures. Cycladic art, ancient Greece The first room of the Museum of Cycladic Art is. All findings are from the Neolithic of the Bronze Age, the dominant are these marble figures Islands Paros, Naxos, predominantly female. With simple, clean lines created the forms of female divinity of the culture of the Bronze Age.

BIRDS' WORDS/bird tile brooch/B