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Torso of Mother Goddess - Neolithic Period in Attica, circa 5,000-3,500 BC, terracotta marble, height 10 cm, at the Metropolitan Museum of Art, NY

Instalaciones de procesamiento de información y culturales Akita | Novedades | - en el centro de las figuras de barro DOGU- exposición especial Akita de la oración la gente de Jomon

Carved Ivory Mesopotamian Votive Figurine of the Goddess Ishtar, Circa 3000 BCE. Ishtar, known as Inanna to the Sumerians, was universal as a goddess in various forms in the ancient middle east. She was the Akkadian supreme goddess of sexual love and fertility and was also the goddess of war, ‘the lady of battles’. Her symbol was an eight pointed star that was identified with the planet Venus; later the Romans knew her by this name.

A SYRIAN DARK STONE SPECTACLE IDOL CIRCA 4TH MILLENNIUM B.C. The bell-shaped body with a flat base, tapering toward the top and surmounted by two round perforated "eyes" 4 in. (10.2 cm.) high

高尾山IC、谷間でぐるぐる 相模原方面へ接続工事中:朝日新聞デジタル

Celtic Iron Age stone head found near Claudy, UK dates ca. 200 BC - 200AD. The head was important to the ancient Celts because they considered it the seat of emotions. [paraphrase BBC NEWS]


光明山 地福院 吉祥寺

和歌山県清水町 吉祥寺  木造聖観音立像(国重文)