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I want a record player so bad

Paramore vinyls ~ "All We Know Is Falling" // "Riot!" // "Brand New Eyes" // "Paramore" // "Singles Club" // "Escape Route"


バンドのパラモア,ロビン·ウィリアムス,ヘイリー·ウィリアムス,パラモアのヘイリー,青い髪,W A Paramore,Powerful Message,Paramore Buscar,Hayley Blue


I seriously had a dream last night where Paramore was threatening to break up. You broke my heart up, you guys, because you wanted to break up! Never again!

peeking vinyl

We had to swear that we wouldn't get sick or break any bones before the concert... We could break anything we wanted after the concert, but not before. The only way we'd get out was if we died...

well you built up a world of magic because your real life is tragic* paramore <3