Hello. I am Sebastian Michealis, butler of Phantomhive Manor. Ciel Phantomhive is my young master, and I follow his orders to my death. We have made a contract: I serve him until he avenges his parents' deaths, and I get his soul. If you even attempt to injure him, or any member of the household, you will be dead. I'm simply one hell of a butler.

Sebastian Michaelis ♡ | Kuroshitsuji / Black Butler #Anime

【「ガーベラ(赤)」花言葉: 神秘、燃える神秘の愛】 鶴丸国永

Black Butler / kuroshitsuji

Touken Ranbu #tkrb #yagen

Sebastian Michaelis | Black Butler | He actually looks properly happy in this picture! Someone must be being tortured out of the shot...

亜艶@豊後国 (@Aentwtw) | Twitter

Ciel y Sebastian


Sebastian Michaelis | Kuroshitsuji / Black Butler

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