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AtelierOM+OMkhadi: THOGCHAGS

Bridle and stag decoration of horse head. Pazyryk, Altai, Barrow no. 5, 252-238 BCE. 5th riding outfit. Pub.: Rudenko 1953, pp. 210-212; fig. 127, pls. LXVIII, LXIX, LXXI; Rudenko 1970, pp. 171-174; fig. 87, pls. pls. 116, 117, 121C-D.

Çift geyik oymalı askı/ Pazırık-Altay, Kurgan 1 MÖ. 305-288

Saddle Pendant Showing a Stylized Tiger's Head | Pazyryk Culture | 5th - 4th century BC

Ancient Tibetan thokchag. The Khyung is a pre-Buddhist animistic deity that was assimilated and became a Buddhist protector when Buddhism became the state religion in 7th century Tibet. Even Tibetans now refer to this deity as 'Garuda' which is somewhat of a misnomer. Collection Bob Brundage~

Bridle. Pazyryk, Altai, Barrow no. 1, 305-288 BCE, 5th riding outfit. Rudenko 1953, pl. XXXVI; Rudenko 1970, pl. 84.

Tennants Auctioneers: Denis Mitchell (1912-1993): "Selena"