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It would seem that Confucianism and business are at odds, but one man who lived during the annals of spring and autumn (a wartime states period in Chinese history, about 2229 years ago), proved that a ‘Confucian Entrepreneur’ can exist. – Can Confucianism and Commerce Coexist

Zhang Liang, strategist-sage of China, helped found and settle the Han dynasty (206BCE – 220AD), which ruled for 400 years and with whose name Chinese people now identify their ethnicity. The structures of governance and values laid down by the Han dynasty created a foundation for the next 2,000 years of Chinese civilization. – Humble to the End

Among all of China’s dynasty’s, the most influential and grand is said to be the Tang dynasty. Its founding father was Emperor Taizong; the woman by his side, Empress Zhangsun. – Empress Zhangsun-The Lily who Refused to be Guilded

Each of China’s dynasties had its own unique architectural style. Tang Dynasty architects favored thatched roofs and straight eaves. During the Ming and Qing, they preferred colorfully engraving their architecture, with vermillion and yellow hues reserved for imperial residences. – Shen Yun Backdrop

Despite the thousands of miles separating them and the vast differences in their peoples, two monarchs in 17th century Europe and China nevertheless oversaw a grand transfer of cultural knowledge whose impact resonates today. The men were the Kangxi Emperor of the Great Ming Dynasty of China, and King Louis XIV, the powerful monarch of France. – The History of Communication between the East and West (II)

Since Shen Yun Performing Arts showcases China’s semi-divine culture, many onstage scenes include immortals and deities, such as Buddhas and Daos. – Shen Yun Costumes

Conversation at Longzhong Zhuge Liang stands on the right with his fan, while holding a map of China laying out his strategy. When Liu Bei (front left) sought Zhuge Liang’s counsel on his third visit to the latter’s thatched cottage, Zhuge was finally moved by Liu’s sincerity and invited him to a conversation on stately affairs. – Prime Minister Zhuge Liang

「商聖」范蠡 范蠡,字少伯,春秋楚國宛(今河南南陽)人,是春秋末著名的政治家、謀略家和實業家。他出身貧賤,但聰敏睿智、胸藏韜略。年輕時就學富五車、滿腹經綸、文韜武略無所不精。他助越王勾踐興越滅吳,一雪會稽之恥。在越王稱霸後又悄然身退,開始了自己的從商之路。他一次次成為巨富,又毫不吝嗇地將家財散於鄉鄰。他的很多商業理念至今仍被人們津津樂道,被尊稱為「商聖」。