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MIT Sketchpad Project, 1963

MIT Sketchpad Program (c.1965).

1963 Mainframe Computing.

Laboratory Instrument Computer (LINC), MIT 1962.

MIT Whirlwind 1951

DAC-1 (The First Commercial CAD System), 1963

From the invention of computer programming languages up to the mid-1980s, many if not most computer programmers created, edited and stored their programs line by line on punched cards. The practice was nearly universal with IBM computers in the era.

1970. The Logically Unified Mechanical Performer, LUMP. Notice the safety shield, which protects bystanders from the potentially lethal radiation from the 5 mega volt cathode ray tube as well as possible explosion

Tektronix 4631 Hard Copy Unit, 1976

Univac DCT 2000 (Musée de l'Informatique)