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A team of scientists have invented an ultra-thin invisibility cloak that can conform to the shape of an object and conceal it from detection with visible light. Invisibility cloaks are a staple of science fiction and fantasy, from Star Trek to Harry Potter, but don’t exist in real life, or do


Scientists Develop Bioplastic From Food Scraps | IFLScience


It's a brief, high-level walk through of what Leslie Dewan and her team are doing: rethinking nuclear power and reframing (reprocessing) its "waste."

古きよき「手描き漫画」の魅力を取り戻すマイクロソフトの新技術 «

16 Wild Materials You May Find in Future Products

Electronic Paper Electronic paper, a thin, flexible display technology that reveals digital images in full color, was invented by Israeli company Magink. Inventables imagines that the material could be used to create a portable "origami DVD player," which would unfold to reveal a big screen.

地表から空に向かって伸びる巨大な葉巻、あるいはアスパラガスのような物体。それが、スペインのVortex Bladeless社が提案する新しい風力発電機である。風がつくり出す渦を利用したこの発電機は、低コストで無音、そして衝突するブレードがな

Water Hog Eco Premier Fashion Mat Chestnut Brown 4x6 by THE ANDERSEN COMPANY. $119.95. This Water Hog Eco Premier Fashion Mat includes 100% Post Consumer recycled PET polyester fabric reclaimed from drink bottles. The backing is made from 15 to 20% post consumer recycled rubber reclaimed from tires. Smooth back is recommended for hard surfaces. Exclusive "water dam" border traps dirt and water in the mats and off your floor, minimizing slip hazards, floor damage and mainten...