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How to do 'Smart Casual'... perfect, right down to the knee rip.

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Citizens of Humanity. Cuffed.

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"Everything about Saj’s outfit is understated perfection, but particularly consider the subliminal message of the Fitbit and the watch. “I keep in shape. I engage with people outside a phone interface. I want to go on walks alone with you, during which we will have a real live conversation.” "It’s possible I’ve spent too much time in San Francisco."

サングラス, シャツ, ジャケット, スラックス, タッセルローファー, ダブルジャケット, チェックジャケット, チノパン, ネクタイ, バッグ, ブレザー, ポケットチーフ, ローファー, 黒パンツ,etc. 理想の着こなし・コーディネートがきっとここに。|