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The Pass of Caradhras Legoraswwwww

Sauron and Morgoth by on @DeviantArt

Galadriel by Alan Lee. Many of the elves were tried and found lacking about 10,000 years before LotR takes place. Some of them (including Galadriel's brothers) abandoned many of their own to die of cold and hunger; this was known as "The Kinslaying." This is why Galadriel seems surprised when she says she has "passed the test" in FOTR - she had some slight involvement in The Kinslaying, and wasn't sure that she was going to be allowed to return to Valinor.

"Artist Commentary: Elendil, his sons Isildur and Anárion, and their supporters fled to Middle-earth at the downfall of Númenor, sailing east in nine ships and founding the realms of Arnor and Gondor in Middle-earth in S.A. 3320.

The Two Towers: The Window on the West | Anne Marie Gazzolo - Author of Middle-earth. Don't you love this art from Jef Murray? :)

The Two Trees of Valinor by ~peet on deviantART