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Sherlock: Return of the Johnstache - That should be the title for the new Sherlock special. So here's another new pic from Martin Freeman filming the new Sherlock Special!

Amanda Abbington & Benedict Cumberbatch in Victorian costume on set filming the one-off Sherlock special

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Best Thing Ever of the Day: BBC Sherlock "A Study In Watercolor" Portraits

BBC Sherlock John Watson fanart akwarela portret

Martin Freeman in a bow tie because BOW TIES ARE COOL.

Anything Cumberbatch on

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Martin Freeman <3

New Sherlock is happening and here are the pictures

Jonathan Aris (Anderson) in costume on the set of the Sherlock special, set to air later this year (probably over the Christmas holidays)

At first glance I was like, "Awww! Look at Richard Armitage taking a picture with two young fans." I then clicked on the picture and I'm like, "By my beard, it's Martin Freeman and Elijah Wood!" Haha.

he can turn from Sherlock to Benedict in like 1 second