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Just...go to bed, Katie. Go. NOW. And stop staring at this good-to-the-last-drop .gif (yer just getting punchy and silly now---)

Inspiration for King Einar || fantasy world Rodhina || #MichaelFassbender

Fassy Gifの,マイケル・ファスベンダーに,私の夫をファスベンダー,ショウガファスベンダー,Fassynationのファスベンダー,素晴らしいFassy,ハンサム,Hot Fassy,Michael Fassebender

Michael and Gina

matthew gray gubler. So cute when he plays the piano. Love the episode in criminal minds where he plays the piano with the kid.

Love this, he's trying to be all serious, but it ain't happening. (animated GIF)

Michael Jackson

Old school new school.

"Michael Fassbender is a genius. He's brave. He's feminine. He's masculine. Mr. Brando would be extraordinarily proud of you, sir. That's who Michael Fassbender is. There's nothing he wouldn't do, nothing he can't do." Steve McQueen at the 2014 Independent Spirit Awards - 01/03/2014