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1961 Log Cabin Syrup Ad "real maple flavor"

1961 LOG CABIN SYRUP vintage magazine advertisement "real maple flavor" ~ Log…

LIFE Magazine 1967 March 17 LIFE Magazine - Charlie Brown - SNOOPY

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1962 Log Cabin Maple Syrup Ad "real maple flavor"

1962 LOG CABIN MAPLE SYRUP vintage magazine advertisement ~ Log Cabin's real maple flavor makes waffles!

Diana Ross, Cindy Birdsong, and Mary Wilson / The Supremes perform on an episode of the CBS 'The Ed Sullivan Show,' New York, May 5, 1968. Photo by CBS Photo Archive/Getty Images. °

Log Cabin maple syrup ad - Woman's Day, March 1954

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1961 Franklin Peanuts Ad "invite the Franklins"

1961 FRANKLIN PEANUTS vintage magazine advertisement "invite the Franklins" ~ Be sure to invite the Franklins (the nicest nuts you could meet at a party) - Real Roasted Flavor! - New Taste! - Non-Greasy! - There are new nuts in town! New Franklin ...

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1948 Clicquot Club Ginger Ale Ad "It's flavor-aged"

1948 CLICQUOT CLUB GINGER ALE vintage magazine advertisement "It's flavor-aged" ~ It's flavor-aged - On the vine, taking time, grapes flavor-age to luscious perfection. ... Clicquot Club ginger ale and sparkling water - It fizzes for a long, long time! ~

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1958 Pall Mall Cigarettes Ad "This Christmas"

1958 PALL MALL CIGARETTES vintage magazine advertisement "This Christmas" ~ This Christmas, give yourself (and your friends) satisfying flavor ... so friendly to your taste! No flat-"filtered-out" flavor! No dry "smoked-out" taste! ... Outstanding ...