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Mahabharata - Krishna shows Arjuna The Universal Form

Supreme Controller ~ holding the reins of everything around us ~ we just need to let go & surrender to Him (I'm just getting this)

Arjuna pleading with Lord Sri Krsna

Wealth, fame, talent, popularity, even good looks are not that important to me, in fact I find they can sometimes be a hindrance to real intimacy. What I do want is my true tantric match, fidelity, a man I can trust and share myself with totally.

Japanese National Treasure, Statues of Fujin (wind god) 風神像(三十三間堂)

Goddess Kali kills the dacoits chopping off their heads and decapitating them and protects Jada-Bharata - Krishna's pure devotee.

Beyla, the Bee Goddess with influence over sweetness, wisdom and mead in Norse mythology.