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12:12:12 Violet Flame Cleansing Meditation – Join In

Violet Flame

アシュトン 洋美(ひろみ)さんのブログ「愛と光の祝福」です。最新記事は「業務連絡です」です。

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Oft it is not the person’s behaviour, per se, that causes our anger or irritation, but our view of their behaviour, our thoughts and perceptions around it. Given that our own thoughts and beliefs play such a fundamental role in how we interpret and respond to the behaviour in question, the line between where the anger or irritation comes from starts to blur. Is it really “external” at all?

Jesus, Spiritual Leader of the Piscean Age. He teaches us to develop Love and…

When we touch another person we exchange energy. There is no way to avoid the fact that a kind of energetic communion takes place, even in such seemingly innocuous acts as shaking hands or touching another on the shoulder. Touch itself, communicates a great deal energetically, and actually influences our own energy field. This is something we all know intuitively --William Collinge, Ph.D (