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Japanese Dark Chocolate Kit-Kat is back at for 2013!

Kit-Kat "Daily Extravagance" is inspired by the luxury Kit-Kat Chocolatory in Tokyo. Carefully crafted with almond, raspberry and rich creamy chocolate to produce a truly inspired flavor. Get yours today at

Japanese shaved ice with sweet azuki beans, We had this in Hawaii. Sounds weird, but so good with a little vanilla ice cream too.

Strawberry Japanese Kit-Kat at Oyatsu Cafe!

Monaka (been jam filled wafers), Japanese sweets

Star Wars Comes to OyatsuCafe with Dark and Light Side collectible Mints!

Japanese sweets for celebration: June 16 wagashi day 虎屋の嘉祥菓子

Meiji Milk Chocolate. Japanese famous chocolate.

Pinterest Tarte /'s cute!


Meiji Fran - Chocolate Cream

Have you ever tried FRAN? These are Meiji's answer to Pocky, and they use only the best ingredients, including a butter infused cookie stick. We now stock two flavors, CHOCOLATE CREAM and STRAWBERY! Get yours quick at! #JapaneseCandy #Pocky