Number Six from I Am Number Four= dancing and killin in style

Meet Vee, the mysterious girl with the scars. No one knows her real name but only that she has huge scars on her back that lead from hip, inward, towards neck. The scars make upside down V. She's fierce but when younger abused, she's covered in battle scars and bruises from being a loner, but was captured by another pack and abused until she agreed to send a message to this pack. no mate or crush. me.

Plot bunneeehhss

I Am Number Four

Number One

I am Number Four

"Anything wrong." "No. I'm just reading a map. Oh wait it was destroyed in the fire. Why in the fuck would you let her blow up my truck. That map took me weeks to make!" 466 Dec 4 2016

I am Number Four

I am Number Four

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