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#glitch #グリッチ #グリッチアート バールの様なものでこじ開けたい

modempunk: “featherfurl: “Blown by the wind. ” The Russians have been touchy about biodesign ever since they had to borrow Americans to help them with the biotic program back at Tslolkovsky 1. ”


キティやマイメロがデータエラーで変身!伊勢丹で新ファッション提案 - 拡大写真


This glitch art is very visually striking as the human face is no longer recognisable. The use of colour thoughtfully used and can also be related to the vibrancy of Vivid as it embraces the technological form. I believe by distorting the face and allowing the true form to remain unchanged can create interesting compositions for each artist as their distinctive elements can speak for themselves.


27 Glitch Photoshop Actions - 2 pack special deal! Glitch Art, Psychedelic, 3D, Distorted, Grunge, Digital Adobe Photo Effects

27 グリッチの Photoshop のアクション - 2 パック特別な契約!グリッチ アート、サイケデリック、3 D、歪曲、グランジ、Adobe のデジタル写真の効果

Fluorescent Black / Marc Scott-West / Designer

TEE PARTY / 商品詳細 Old School JPEG Glitch (b) : ucnv


Glitched v.5 Art Print