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Yu Youren (1879-1964) Couplet of Calligraphy. 于右任 行書對聯 水墨紙本 鏡框一對 款識:滄海波全定,神州日再中。棫祥先生正,于右任。 鈐印:右任 這首五言詩語出被梁啟超譽為「詩界革命之巨子」的丘逢甲所寫〈日蝕詩〉。戊戌年(1898)元旦,也就是在歷史上著名的維新變法前夕,詩人慷慨激昂、滿腔激情地寫下了「滄海波全定,神州日再中」的詩句,祈願光緒帝親政,重振國運,自己也能為國盡忠效力。 于右任早年為光復會和同盟會成員,跟隨孫中山先生反對帝制,是中華民國開國元勳之一,擔任監察院院長一職長達34年。于右任書寫這幅行書對聯,祝願國家振興,自有寓意。


Tranquility - Original Chinese Calligraphy - For the Goodness of the World - Wall Art - Zen Art - Birthday

Tranquility Original Chinese Calligraphy For the by InkPotArts, $65.00

Japanese poem by Lady Kii from Ogura 100 poems (early 13th century) "Famous are the waves / That break on Takashi beach / In noisy arrogance. / If I should go near that shore / I would only wet my sleeves" 音に聞く 高師の濱の あだ波は かけじや袖の ぬれもこそすれ (calligraphy by yopiko)

Yu Youren (1879-1964) The Benevolent Live Long Lives Ink on paper, framed and glazed Inscribed and signed Yu Youren, with one seal of the artist 64.5cm x 31.5cm (25½in x 12½in). 注腳 于右任 仁者壽 水墨紙本 鏡框 款識:仁者壽。公旦宗英長壽,于右任。 鈐印:又任

Calligraphy of Japanese idiom 一期一会 ichigo ichie "Live every day as though it were last" by IWATA Sohei

清代 - 傅山 - 行書《塞上逢盧仝》軸

Japanese poem by Fujiwara no Tadamichi from Ogura 100 poems (early 13th century "Over the wide sea / as I sail and look around / it appears to me / that the white waves, far away / are the ever shining sky" わたの原 漕ぎ出でて見れば ひさかたの 雲居にまがふ 沖つ白波 (calligraphy by yopiko)

米芾《清和帖》行書。紙本。縱28.3釐米 橫38.5釐米 台北故宮博物院藏 米芾《清和帖》,亦稱《致竇先生尺牘》 釋文: 芾啟。久違傾仰, 夏序清和, 起居何如?衰年趨 召,不得久留,伏惟 珍愛。米一斛,將微 意,輕鮮悚仄。餘惟 加愛、加愛。芾頓首。 竇先生侍右。

『新作 『風林火山 』全文』

Yu Youren 1879-1964 CALLIGRAPHY COUPLET IN RUNNING SCRIPT 于右任 行書七言聯 釋文:園中草木春無數,湖上山林畫不如。 款識:紀賢先生正,于右任。 鈐印:關中于氏