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ZHANG RUITU (1570-1641) Five-character Poem in Cursive Script Calligraphy Inscribed and signed, with one seal of the artist Dated yichou year of the Tianqi era (1625) 明 張瑞圖 草書五言詩 水墨絹本 立軸 一六二五年 釋文:不識陽關路,新從定遠侯。黃雲斷春色,畫角起邊愁。瀚海經年到,交河出塞流。贈君從此去,何日大刀頭。天啟乙丑 (1625年) 書東湖之晞發軒。瑞圖。 鈐印:張瑞圖印 藏印:墨畯所藏之印

張祖翼 / 行書七言詩摺 - 日本インターネット書道協会 [ 作品と鑑賞(中国書画名品展)]

Andrew Wyeth | Marshalton Shed | By nkimadams, via Flickr

Japanese poem by Lady Kii from Ogura 100 poems (early 13th century) "Famous are the waves / That break on Takashi beach / In noisy arrogance. / If I should go near that shore / I would only wet my sleeves" 音に聞く 高師の濱の あだ波は かけじや袖の ぬれもこそすれ (calligraphy by yopiko)

A cutting from the collected poems of Minamoto no Shitagō ( ACE911- ACE983), calligraphy by FUJIWARA Sadanobu, ACE 1110, Japan

Suda Kokuta 須田剋太 (1906-1990), Wa Jin (Japanese People), 1989.

楊 / 隷書五言聯 - 日本インターネット書道協会 [ 作品と鑑賞(中国書画名品展)]

dream ~ japanese calligraphy by Mouri Suzuki