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BEST JAPANESE DESSERTS | We cannot get enough of all things matcha and mochi. So we found the best green tea parfait in town. We also cantget enough of the Japanese-inspired French pastries at Flor Patisserie. Here is what you should order when you visit.


神楽坂 茶寮|和カフェでほっこりティータイム!

Japanese matcha parfait I had this dessert in Tokyo at a coffee shop. The ball on the far right is mochi. The sticks in the back are sugar coated french fries (tastes better than it sounds). The jelly cubes at the bottom are either coffee or barley tea, couldn't really tell because the taste was so light and lost in the whipped cream by the time you made it to the bottom. Excellent dessert.

hinamatsuri parfait, yes please!

Japanese Green Tea Parfait

Japanese sweets: Mizu-yokan jelly and matcha 水羊羹と抹茶

matcha parfait