harry potter

Harry Potter and Johny Depp..2 of my favorite things in the world. <3

harry potter engagement photo shoot? this is taking HP fandom to a whole new level: http://www.loveolio.com/swoon/2011/09/harry-potter-engagement-shoot/?utm_source=feedburner&utm;_medium=feed&utm;_campaign=Feed%3A+loveolio%2Fswoon+%28Swoon+%7C+Creative+Wedding+Design%2C+Decor%2C+and+Style+Ideas%29&utm;_content=FaceBook

burdge: weird. hadn’t meant to draw him. Harry Potter

Harry Potter Quote!

Score for Potter by Budotty

Golden Snitch Truffles

Harry Potter

When Harry hated him, he called him Malfoy. When Harry respected him, he called him Draco.

the bravest man i ever knew

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