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2013/5/3 嵐山

Maiko Toshikana. Maiko's traditional Japanese dance "Kurokami(Black hair)" No.5. #geisha #geiko #japan #kyoto #kimono #orient #Culture

Sanzen-in Temple near Kyoto. Taken for a series on Japan for ‘Life’, circa 1963, Brake, Brian (1927–1988 ) 大豆生田 もっと見る


大江山 京都 Mount Oe, Kyoto, Japan

京都写真(Kyoto Photo)の画像 もっと見る

Kennin-ji is a historic Zen Buddhist temple in Higashiyama, Kyoto, Japan, near Gion, at the end of Hanami Lane. It is considered to be one of the so-called Kyoto Gozan or "five most important Zen temples of Kyoto"

怪し景/STRANGE LANDSCAPE(ayashi-kwei)

c1tylight5: Sakura Line | Masato Mukoyama

"Kami" is the Japanese word for the spirits, natural forces, or essence in the Shinto faith. Kami does not only mean "spirit", but also an aspect of spirituality. Nature, nature phenomena, Ancestral Spirits, growth and fertility are attributed to Kami.

CANON(キヤノン)のカメラ Canon EOS 5D Mark IIで撮影した風景(京都・貴船神社)の写真(画像)