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Tiryns is a Mycenaean site in Argolis in the Peloponnese. It was a hill fort with occupation ranging back seven thousand years, from before the beginning of the Bronze Age. It reached its height between 1400 and 1200 BC, when it was one of the most important centers of the Mycenaean world, and in particular in Argolis. Its most notable features were its palace, its cyclopean tunnels and especially its walls, which gave the city its Homeric epithet of "mighty walled Tiryns".

Chariot, late 6th century b.c. Etruscan; From Monteleone, Italy Bronze

Illustration of the Palace of Knossos as it might have been 1380BC. The palace ruins today are the largest of the preserved Minoan palatial centres. Four wings are arranged around a central courtyard, containing the royal quarters, workshops, shrines, storerooms, repositories, the throne room and banquet halls. Dated to 2000-1350 BC.

In Photos: Spartan Temple and Cultic Artifacts Discovered

A rhyton with a bull's head found at a Spartan palace.

A Re-Creation of the Palace of Knossos

A macellum is an ancient Roman indoor market building that sold mostly provisions. The building normally sat alongside the forum and basilica, providing a place in which a market could be held. Image from "City: A Story of Roman Planning and Construction" by David Macaulay.

illustration knossos - Google 検索

This map depicts the Malia Minoan Palace on Crete, a lesser palace than the one at Knossos, but similar in nature in that its maze-like layout is almost identical. It is also, similar to the Knossos palace, centered around a center courtyard, which may have been utilized for sport.

Domus cross-section ~ Encyclopedia of the Roman World, Usborne publishing 2001

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