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Emmanuel Lubezki's The Tree of Life 2011 - film still

Peter and the Starcatcher #PeterAndTheStarcatcher #Musical

It's My Life....I just want to live while I'm alive!!

The Black Fall (Svartifoss) is a 25-meter high waterfall in the National Park of Vatnajökull in Iceland. Plunging over a wall of symmetrical columnar basalt that recalls organ pipes, these dark lava pillars give the fall its name. The hexagonal columns were formed inside a lava flow that cooled extremely slowly, producing crystallization.

“So, um, it’s been raining like hell today, huh?” Tom said smiling at her. He turned the ignition key and the car went silent. Big drops of rain were banging on the car leaving water blots on the windshield and filling the air with a soothing swoosh." © Agatha Rae "Tangents, vol. 1"

“Where were you walking back from?” Dan interrupted her. “A hut I’ve found.” “A hut? You mean a house?” Rick asked. “That’s what it means, doesn’t it?” Matylda replied. “You mean there are more people in this place?” Anna said." © Agatha Rae #newbook #Tangents

They came closer to the plane. All windows seemed non-cracked. “I think we need to get on board,” Rick said looking up at the fuselage. “We need to hide for the night.” © Agatha Rae #newbook

“Did you walk around here?” Rick asked and helped Anna get out of the water. “Yes, we saw fields of vegetables and strawberries and also some fruit trees with hundreds of peaches and sweet cherries on them. All of them looked quite neglected, nobody had taken care of them for some time now, that’s for sure.” © Agatha Rae #newbook

camp in the middle of the rainfores