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暮らしを、センスよく小さくする本 (別冊美しい部屋) 主婦と生活社

それから、君を考える (Canna Comics)

oookickooo FASHION SKETCH BOOK きくち あつこ

さよなら、ヘロン (Canna Comics)




六百六十円の事情 (メディアワークス文庫)

LILY OF THE VALLEY. Oh that smell! I have several fond memories about these flowers. While living in Concord (my home town) I had a family member who would gather an enormous fistful-sized bouquet from her backyard garden and give it to me as a birthday gift. I looked forward to those lilies every year. Never underestimate the power of simple gifts - they can mean the world to someone.

錆びた夜でも恋は囁く (ディアプラス・コミックス)

いとしの未来くん (Canna Comics)本 ちびくろ・さんぼ: ヘレン・バンナーマン, フランク・ドビアス, 光吉 夏弥: 本