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[VW][Fixed][Future Resilience] Bell by Soichiro Mihara (JP) (Disaster): Sound installation for Radiation

[HF][Fixed][Future Mobility] Halluc II by fuRo (JP) (Transform Mobility): Equipped with 8 robotic leg-modules, the HallucII allows three types of mobility, i.e., vehicle mode, insect mode, animal mode. The capability of the transformation including drive-mode switching between wheel-cruising and leg-walking can offer the superior mobility performance.

のらもじ発見プロジェクト // most epic font project.

[VW][Fixed][Future Citizen] A Wearable Studio Practice by Hannah Perner-Wilson (Plusea) (DIY kit): Electronic Textile Engineering At Hand: A collection of wearable and portable accessories that allow the electronic textile engineer to travel, build hardware on-site, incorporate local craft techniques and resources, experience different cultures, encounter and collaborate with other disciplines and share their skills with others.

[CreateYourWorld][Fixed][BIG][Future Citizen] Workshop kits by Kurumaiku Lab. (JP/AT) (Children Kit for Future City):

[HF][Fixed][BIG][Future Resilience] Ubiquitous Commons by Iaconesi Salvatore, Oriana Persico (IT) (Doctor & Counselor for Surveillance):

[HF][Fixed][Future Citizen] Biopresence by BCL (Tree with Human DNA as future grave): Biopresence creates Human DNA trees by transcoding the essence of a human being within the DNA of a tree in order to create "Living Memorials" or "Transgenic Tombstones". Biopresence is collaborating with scientist and artist Joe Davis on his DNA Manifold algorithm, which allows for the transcoding and entwinement of human and tree DNAs.

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