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Vogelhert Cave -- 35,000 Year-Old Mammoth Figurine -- Length: 37 mm; Weight: 7.5 grams -- Carved from mammoth ivory, this figurine is one of the oldest know pieces of individual artwork in the archaeological record. Click through for the article in its entirety.

Upper Paleolithic Era Sperm Whale Tooth -- Middle Magdalenian Period -- Circa 13,400 Years Old -- Engraved bison on one side, & a whale on the other -- Excavated from Las Caldas Cave, Spain.

Mammoth cave painting from Roufignac, France.

The Grotte de Rouffignac is home to over a hundred engravings and line-drawings of mammoths. ... The images date back to ... about 13000 years BP. The cave is over eight kilometers long. ... There are over 250 images in total and 158 of these are mammoths. ... Representations of mammoths are quite rare in prehistoric art." ("Mammoth bones are rarely found in south-west France.") Other drawings include "horses, bison and ibex and even a rhinoceros." - photo from northofthedordogne

ivory carving of a mammoth, 35,000 years old

Famous ancient Siberian statues of naked women turn out to be clothed

For decades it was believed that many of the tiny Mal'ta and Buret figurines…

Ice Age Art: Bison Figurine Sculpted from Mammoth Ivory -- Circa 20,000 years old -- Excavated at Zaraysk, Russia -- Belonging to the Zaraysk Museum of Art & History -- Photo Credit: Dr. Sergey Lev.

14,000-year-old cave man art. A bison relief carving in raw clay, bones were likely used as incising tools.

(Image: Moravian Museum, Anthropos Institute) Twenty-six thousand years ago in the Czech Republic, one of our ice-age ancestors selected a hunk of mammoth ivory and carved this enigmatic portrait of a woman - the oldest ever found. By looking at artefacts like this as works of art, rather than archaeological finds, a new exhibition at the British Museum in London hopes to help us see them and their creators with new eyes.