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Travel, traditions, culture - documentary, travel and cultural photography by Mitchell Kanashkevich

This next photograph is a perfect example of directing light when indoors. The easiest way to do this is by positioning the subject fairly close to the light-source, which in this case was a narrow door. As you can see, the results can be pretty dramatic, particularly if the interior is fairly dark and the only light-source is the one near your subject. by Mitchell Kanashkevich

The light from a nearby housing estate illuminates the monument of the Ninth Fort in Kaunas , which was commissioned by the Soviet authorities in 1984 to commemorate mass shootings carried out by the Nazis.   The designer Alfonsas Ambraziunas today says the memorial is dedicated to all victims of the occupations of  Lithuania . 

Mitchell Kanashkevich

0rient-express: The Deer at Sunset (by Jenny Woodward).

Viajes, tradiciones, cultura - documental, los viajes y la fotografía cultural Mitchell Kanashkevich

Cable cars forming part of the network of aerial tramways built in Chiatura during the Soviet era. In place of buses, the locals still use "Stalin's Rope Roads" as public transportation in the vertiginous mining town. Click here for full story. 

The Katskhi Pillar, Georgia. A monk (standing directly under the terracotta roof) has lived atop the pillar for the past 21 years in order to live "closer to God". Click here for the story. 

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