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Mexican American Zoot suiters

Zoot-suits were worn by lower class Mexican and African Americans. Very loose and long pants with an extremely large jacket. The zoot-suit was a distinctive part of the "Pachuco" culture, and a way for the youth of minority groups to express their individuality and feelings of rebellion. People saw wearing the zoot-suit as a deliberate, public, and obnoxious way of ignoring the rationing/war effort after the War Production Board nearly banned the production of them. Distinctions were…

zoot suit style

Lindy hop partnered dance form that came out of Harlem during the late 20s and thrived through the 30s

Zoot suits, which became popular in the 1930s and '40s, consisted of high-waisted, wide-legged pants with a long dress jacket. Although these 1940s gentleman are sporting a more subdued style, they're rocking the signature watch chain that was a must-have zoot suit accessory.

World’s First Underwater Photo The first underwater camera system was developed by French scientist Louis Boutan in 1893.  (via thehistoryprofessor)

You’ve heard of zoot suits - but did you know there were also zoot skirt suits? A woman only identified by her first name, Josie, is wearing one such suit while standing on the corner of E. 41st St. and Long Beach Avenue in Los Angeles, California in 1945. In the background is the restaurant, El Tonga.

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How times have changed in New York City! Extraordinary colour photographs reveal 1940s life in the Big Apple in all its glory

New York City 1940s