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Original Yoshitsuya (1822 - 1866) Japanese Woodblock Print Jiraiya Battling a Giant Serpent Comments - Fantastic woodblock of the legendary Ogata Shuma Hiroyuki, also known as Jiraiya, which means “Young Thunder,” battling a giant serpent. A practitioner of toad magic, he was angered at the serpent for eating toads. The young warrior grips a small cannon with both hands as he fearlessly stares the animal directly in the eyes, scowling with anger. He wears a black robe over his armor


Fire Lion

FIRE: The idea for this one would be that of the lion, fiery and fierce. The mane could almost be a 'sunburst' of sorts.

"Why We Shout In Anger"A Hindu saint and his disciples were visiting the Ganges river, where they found a group of family members on the ba...

Nidhogg by Nightpark on DeviantArt -In Norse mythology, Níðhöggr (Nidhogg) is a dragon who gnaws at a root of the World Tree, Yggdrasill. In the mythology, the Nidhogg is said to be controlled by only one person, the Norse goddess named Hel.

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have always loved this quote