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Dieu triface, Bois polychrome, 15 + 21 + 4cm, vers 1500, Lucerne, Historisches Museum, inv 1124. Extrait de Iconoclasme, donné en référence (Wirth) p 282.

Reliquary Bust of Saint Balbina ca. 1520–30

Japanese National Treasure, The Amida triad also made of bronze enshrined in the Lady Tachibana's Shrine of Horyuji Temple 銅造阿弥陀如来及両脇侍像(伝橘夫人念持仏)(法隆寺)

Master of the Orcagnesque Misericordia, Head of Christ, Tempera on Wood, c. 1350 - 1400

Lugh/Luga/Llew is a pan-Celtic God. He has the city of Lyons named for him, as well as a pan-Celtic holiday, Lughnasadh held is his honor or in honor of his foster mother Tailtu in August. He is a god of many skills, granted to him by his mother and he is a god of light, he has a very bright aura like the sun.

SELLAIO, Jacopo del : Votive Altarpiece: the Trinity, the Virgin, St. John and Donors (c.1480-85) tempera on panel 127 x 75 The National Museum of Western Art, Tokyo

Head of Christ, Italian, second half of the 14th century

RUBENS, Peter Paul : Abundance (Abundantia) (c.1630) oil on panel 63.7 x 45.8 The National Museum of Western Art, Tokyo

The Ladder of Divine Ascent of St. John Climacus, Museum of Russian Icons, ca. 1650