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Gold Glass with Sts. Peter and Paul and Peregrina / Roman mid-4th century / Metropolitan Museum of Art

Vessel, Bottom Date: 4th century Culture: Roman Medium: Glass, gold leaf

Plato's Academy mosaic from Pompeii - アカデメイア - Wikipedia

Loetz Glass Vase w/ Silver Overlay ~ Early 20th Century

Émile Gallé (1846-1904) - Mushroom Vase. Marqueterie-Sur-Verre Intercalaire (Applied and Wheel-Carved Glass and Intercalaire Slip). Nancy, France. Circa 1895. 18.5cm.

Gold swivel ring, Late-4th century B.C. Gold, glass The National Museum of…

Engraved bowl with medallions, 4th century A.D. Roman. Glass.

Kazumi Ikemoto. His images appear to be painted on the glass but are instead created by using a simple nozzle he blows vitreous enamel pigments onto the glass surface, then removes excess pigments with a brush and fires the layer at a temperature of 560 degree C. He repeats the process layer by layer of color. In addition to his career as an independent artist, Ikemoto is a professor at the Tama Art Institute, where the first glass art program in Japan was established.

Roman Glass Aryballos with a Cylindrical Neck Culture : Roman, Roman Imperial Period : 1st century A.D. Material : Aubergine glass