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The Hunterian Psalter

Detail of a miniature of King Garamantes, being rescued by his dogs; from the Rochester Bestiary, England (Rochester?), c. 1230, Royal MS 12 F. xiii, f. 30v

Superfunky hat! via @marenostrum 12C BnF Latin 1822 f.1r

Tagged "12th century" | Illumanu.British Library, Sloane 1975, detail of f. 17v (“Illuminated miniature of the goddess Diana giving herbs to Chiron the centaur, who named them after her: Artemisia Monoglossos, Artemisia Tagantes, and Artemisia Leptasillos”). Medical and herbal collection, including Pseudo-Apuleius, Herbarius; Pseudo-Dioscorides, De herbis femininis

(corbie psalter

A page from the 12th-century York Psalter produced in the north of England c.1170 with angular, stylized but vigorous English Romanesque designs. Above, Christ appears with angels to summon his mother into heaven. As Mary is wide-eyed and still alive, Christ does not as yet (as in conventional depictions of this scene) hold her soul in his arms in the form of a small child.

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The Hunterian Psalter 1170

Ancient Gold, Amethyst Ring, circa 1100,

The Hunterian Psalter