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Один бездомный пес вечно увязывался за мной, куда бы я ни пошла. Святой Франциск разжалобил меня, и я взяла пса домой, вымыла и откормила его. Теперь он славный и ухоженный. Благодарю святого, так как пес дарит мне свою любовь и составляет компанию.

Mexican Ex Voto paintings used to be rather crude paintings that usually showed a patient on a hospital bed with a saint or Catholic deity floating above and offering live-giving grace. (They were painted to give thanks for recovery.) Now, they've become a bit more fanciful and sophisticated. But still there is usually divine intervention, as in this image (found on ebay) of the Virgen de Zapopan halting a cat fight.

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The Cat and the Canaries | Ex Voto by Selva Prieto Salazar - [I ran fearing that the cat ate them up ... but the cat just saw them and smiled. Doy gracias de San Francisco...]

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Since all my friends in the town had already got married, I thought of myself as an old maid. So I agreed to marry Rogelio Rios. He was ugly and corny, but he was the only one who asked for my hand. But on the day of the wedding I realized what a stupid thing I was going to do marrying the man I didn’t love at all. I ran out of the church and went to the capital in my wedding dress. I stayed with my friend Flora. Now I’m really happy and I have a good job. I thank the Virgin of the Rosary.


Quintana Galleries' ex-voto exhibit presents "Devotional Art of the Americas"

Dulce's mother-in-law seemed to be bewitched,. A priest advised the beleaguered daughter-in-law to give the angry woman tea made from holy water. Her prayers were answered and her promise kept with this ex-voto.