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japaneseaesthetics: 3,000 years old Heart-shaped clay figures ( Late Jomon ) Gunma Prefecture East Azuma town Gohara ruins Japan

The Kofun period (AD.250–AD.592) Haniwa terracotta clay figure of seated nobleman. Gunma Japan.

base glaze: 40 Potash Feldspar, 20 Whiting, 25 China Clay and 15 Flint. for black: 4% Nickel Oxide, 4% Red Iron Oxide, 2% Cobalt Carbonate

Cucuteni Trypillian

Clay bird red

陶芸,赤,家禽,パッケージ,壁画,Red Birdy,Bird Red,Bird Wouldn'T,Diy Bird

Dogu, Jomon period

Alaska | Hunting charm in the form of a whale, carved with geometric motifs on the dorsal area | Punuk culture, Bering Strait | 8.4cm | ca. 600 - 900 AD || Source; page 49 ~