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Something we loved from Instagram! 2月の終わりからRaspberry Piに取り付けて24時間記録し続けている温湿度気圧センサーの気圧変化のグラフ左上から日単位過去30時間週月年になっていますこれまで気圧なんて高気圧が来れば上がり低気圧が来れば下がるくらいにしか思っていませんでしたが月単位右下で見ると案外周期的に変化している様に見えますしまだデータは少ないけれど冬から春にかけて下降傾向に見える右下など意外な発見がありました一年間のデータが溜まるのが楽しみ(_) それはともかく昨晩から一気に下がってきました頭痛薬飲んでおこっと(;_A #RaspberryPi #BME280 by yamanecoan Check us out

After months of faultless performance, Kodi on Raspberry Pi began behaving erratically. Extensive detective work revealed the surprising solution.

Be irrational! Come celebrate #PiDay2016 with the #MakerHub staff tonight. Meet us in the Moseley Kitchen between 5-7 to make your own mini pie and play with a #RaspberryPi (a crazy small computer).

Happy Pi Day everyone! Here is a little experiment I put together with a Pi. I stuck a peltier element under the Raspberry Pis heat sink put on a little fan and heat sink cover and ran some current through the peltier. What this does is cool the Pis processor electronically. I was able to get a 5-7 degree (Celsius) drop nearly instantaneously. How cool is that? I'll make a short video for it. Maybe one for Instagram too. by idlehandsdev

Why did it take me so long to start using OctoPrint for my printer?? I can walk away from my the printer and still keep an eye on it! Not to mention the ability to start/stop/pause prints from my browser. Seriously folks if you're not using RPi and OctoPrint give it a try! #3dprinting #octoprint #raspberrypi by kbstroman81


New Raspberry Pi 3 is 10 times more powerful than the original for the same price

New Raspberry Pi 3 is 10 times more powerful than the original for the same price... wifi and bluetooth capabilities