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Crown of Ragnarok by joelhustak on deviantART

Artifacts and Items of Power


noisy-pics: Victorian Guard by Aldo Vicente

ガード鎧,装甲の,武器や防具,Knights Armor,Weapon Armor,Pics Victorian,Victorian Guard,Ref Medieval Armor,Reference Medieval

Crown by Anne Stokes


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Black Flame Candle by on @DeviantArt

杖 木 - Google 検索

This mace, dubbed the "Morning Star", is another of the Bellascomsa line. Made from enchanted pieces of painted glass, this weapon is a holy relic thought to be blessed by the Pantheon. Whether it truly was or not is of little concern. The "Morning Star" is famous for its quirk of only being able to be wielded by the pure of heart. It actively seeks out wickedness in the battlefield to destroy it. Though retired from active service, this weapon has been claimed by the Gavara Church.

Psi-Orb by on @DeviantArt