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Shhhhhh>>> Artist is: (her personal) and her art blog is: Go check her out! She's an amazing artist and she does a lot of hetalia stuff, including 2p stuff!

Hetalia Russia<<< Russia, why are you dressed as a maid? (Not that I'm complaining... *^*)

APH: Bloodshot Eyes by on @deviantART Sexy 2P Alfred F. Jones #Hetalia

Hetalia - America / The United States

( posting this early since it’s relevant! )

Hetalia (ヘタリア) - Japan (日本) -「【腐向け】アル菊中心ログ」/「椛」の漫画 [pixiv]

hetalia oliver | Oliver Kirkland/2P!England Imagine by Hetalia564

Face Family | France, America, Canada, and England<<<< my feels are destroyed. I feel a really special bond between Iggy and maple. Not in a shipping way

メディアツイート: ❖イ…朔之介✿(@1s4k8)さん | Twitter