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“She and Tim have a three-year-old son, Benedict, an energetic handful who was treating the living room like a sports stadium when I saw Wanda at her Kensington flat. ... And Wanda Ventham, who seems to be rather more disturbing than domesticated, started to make Benedict’s tea. When you have a Benedict in the house, you can’t just sit around all day looking like Wanda Ventham. ”

Right here Cumberbatch :: I would hope I could live up to his ideal, but yeah *blush*

Robert Downey Jr. & Jude Law.

AGAIN WITH THE BOOK THING. That's it, I'm going to Barnes & Noble, finding a good book, and sitting with it until a cute guy fights for my attention and offers to buy me the book.

Yana Van Ginneken

This man cracks me up. :)

...cruzo o olhar com um(a) amigo(a) do outro lado... - comoeumesintoquando

hahaha he's awsome

Benedict Cumberbatch’s parents Wanda Ventham & Timothy Carlton - & with Mark Gatiss - at the UK Premiere of Star Trek Into Darkness on May 2, 2013 in London.


I want this kinda stuff on all my homework! How awesome would that be?! :D