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Amazing Marble Canyon fossil site

Haplophrentis was a creature with a conical shell and fleshy arms / New Burgess Shale fossil site found in B.C.'s Kootenay National Park

Gallery: Amazing Cambrian Fossils from Canada's Marble Canyon

Naraoia is a Cambrian trilobite with only two protective shields on its carapace, instead of the usual three. This one is from the Marble Canyon site, Canada

Wadi Al-Hitan, the Whale Valley in the Egyptian Sahara.

アミスクウィア Amiskwia sagittiformis 体長:2センチほど amiskwia_2010_06.jpg 一見して、現生のクリオネ風。 クリオネは貝殻を持たない肉食の貝の仲間(軟体動物)ですが、このアミスクウィアの場合、未だに、どこの誰なのか、分類上の定説は定まっていないようです。


fossil footprints | Fossils This is amazing! An incredible find~

Alberta national park, Canada

<<>^^<>> Fossil Bee <<>^^<>> <>about 35 million years ago<>