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man holding note that reads, "Thank you for seeing me as a veteran and not a homeless man. Peace."

Mission Viejo, California Vietnam Plaque.

Steve McCurry

Just one of many famous quotes by Patton

Lost in thought... beautiful eyes

ADORABLE day we'll do this :)

This makes me sad but happy at the same time-- the water looks fresh and clean for the kid but, other children in Africa have nothing.

Thousands of demonstrators across the country protested the war in Vietnam.

Catholic girl from Debeljak, Bosnia

Honor, respect, sacrifice . . . Never Forget what our military fought for...our freedom...conservatives need to stop taking away our personal freedoms...freedom of religion...not everyone is christian...birth control...there are plenty of woman who need it for medical reasons...our money...this country was built on the backs of laborers...don't dictate what you think others need to do...always remember...they fought for all of our freedoms...not just "yours".