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Zodiac Question: What sign(s) can endure the most mental and emotional pain and still remain sane?

Virgo's Deepest Secret - So very true to the T. This would be me. Virgo's are good at hiding feelings until the besties are around.

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Lovely Libra astrology art print

Libra art Libra wall art Libra poster collage art. by ThisRosyLife

zodiaccity: Zodiac signs most likely to wine and dine you

ARIES (Jasmine) willful, feisty, independent TAURUS (Belle) creative, loyal, dependable GEMINI (Alice) curious, childlike, talkative CANCER (Cinderella) cautious, nurturing, empatheticLEO (Charlotte) provocative, demanding, flamboyant VIRGO (Tiana) realistic, knowledgeable, modestLIBRA (Mulan) intellectual, easygoing, indecisive SCORPIO (Pocahontas) intense, secretive, passionate SAGITTARIUS (Rapunzel) adventurous, spirited, happy CAPRICORN (Aurora) respectful, devoted, classy...

Zodiac signs who think they’re always right.