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【神秘と恐怖】人に見捨てられた美しくも不気味な場所20選 | CuRAZY

Salar de Uyni, Bolivia. The larges salf flat in the world! During the rainy season (November-March) it transforms into a mirror that you can walk on.

ナチュラルキッチンのクッキー型でアイシングクッキー | アイシングクッキーおかしのこびとのブログ

Sometimes pictures just speaks to you... And you Can't refuse to listen to it...

Japanese Sake Bottle "Tenkyu" |高垣酒造場 電球の酒

It might not sound like much but I want to tell you something: I'm going to say and do some really cool things in my life; and I hope you're there for most of them.

【今日の一枚】SUMMEEEEEERヽ(´▽`)ノワーイ♪ - ハリネズミ★まるたろうブログ

Kyoto (京都市)

autistic, asexual, aromantic. Special interests include Okami, Pokemon, and Fire Emblem. 日本語を少し書き話せる。Art tag is draws