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Shimabara city is a famous for spring water, then the pond in "Shimeiso", 1,000 tons of water spring out in a day.「湧水庭園四明荘」屋敷内にある池は毎日1000㌧の水が湧き出ているとのことです。


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Post-war photo of Nagasaki, Japan by Tadahiko Hayashi. This cigarette & souvenir shop standing at the bottom of the hill coming down from Ōura Tenshudō still runs as of today, it seems. *Ōura Tenshudō, or the Ōura Church is a Roman Catholic church built in 1864 promoted by two French missionaries who landed in Nagasaki for the purpose, which is said to be the oldest Catholic church in Japan…

Terraced rice fields/Tanada/棚田, Hamanoura, Kyushu, Japan

かわいい動物 - 画像まとめ|ついっぷるトレンド 人気順3ページ目

怪し景/STRANGE LANDSCAPE(ayashi-kwei)

『猫侍』 あなご cat

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