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Lucy Nola George (1897-1978) one of first Cherokee weavers to make baskets from Honeysuckle. From article: Honeysuckle vines are flexible. To make a sturdy basket, the vines are woven over a more rigid framework of white oak. Basket weavers who use honeysuckle must be proficient in gathering both the vines and white oak trees. Lucy George preferred hickory for handles and gathered traditional woods plants as well. She used bloodroot, yellow root, and walnut bark to dye her weaving materials.

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Japanese craftsman - bamboo craft: photo by OHASHI Hiroshi+

Genuine CHEROKEE INDIAN BASKET. hand woven..Original


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Probably the most famous picture to come from the Great Depression...a mother of seven with such a deep, concerned expression. Dorothea Lange's Migrant Mother

Authentic Apache Ceremonial Burden Basket 12"x8" (a21)

The burden basket of the Native American Apache tribe is one of the most recognized baskets of American Indians. Traditionally, burden baskets were originally used in everyday life for gathering wild

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